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Astrolabio32 imagen de astrolabio
Relojes de arena clásicos y contemporáneos
Mapa antiguo
relojes de sol horizontales, verticales y ecuatoriales
juguetes ópticos. praxinoscopio, zoótropo
calendarios perpetuos y calendarios lunares

PUNTO VERNAL old inventios, advances and milestones in the history of mankind.


Welcome to Punto Vernal

Punto Vernal, Old Ingenious

Punto Vernal, is a company dedicated for more than 30 years to the recovery and reproduction of instruments from the world of science, which due to their special aesthetic characteristics and usefulness, have constituted a milestone and an advance in the development of the human species over the centuries.

The astrolabe, for example, was the forerunner of today’s computers, a true gem of astrophysics and mathematics.

The armillary sphere or representation of the geocentric theory. The nocturlab or star clock, lunar and perpetual calendars, sundials, hourglasses…, right up to the world of vision and optical toys based on retinal persistence and precursors of today’s cinema: zootropes, praxinoscopes, other studies on anamorphosis and stereoscopy and a long list of objects that will make you enjoy and feel like travellers in the time of science and culture.


The red planet

The red planet

The red planet, Mars, has been known to humans since ancient times. It has been the subject of dozens of…

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