Equatorial sundial

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Beautiful equatorial type solar clock, for universal use with calendar incorporated into its gnomon

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The so-called equatorial type clocks are the ones that best represent the situation of the Earth in the universe. They are composed of a semicircle that symbolizes the equator and a central rod (which acts as a sundial gnomon) and that represents the axis of the Earth, conveniently inclined, in such a way that, according to the latitude of the place, it is parallel to the real axis of the Earth.

We must place the clock on the North-South meridian, in such a way that the shadow produced by the rod on the dial that is in the semicircle, provides us with the local solar time. This model is a reproduction of one of the equatorial clocks that were manufactured in Renaissance Italy in the 16th century. It is universal in use, that is, it can be used at all latitudes, and to do so it is only necessary to loosen the screw and move it to place it at the corresponding latitude, which is indicated with a graduated latitude scale. It also works as a calendar thanks to the small sphere that the gnomon incorporates.

Our model is handcrafted in wood and brass, and is accompanied by a manual with its history and instructions for use.


Height: 19 cm

Diameter: 7cm


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Equatorial sundial
72,60 VAT Included

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