Greco-Roman hourglass

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The design of this clock has been inspired by temples of Greek and Roman origin.

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There is no historical record that reliably demonstrates that both the Greeks and the Romans used hourglasses, but instead sunglass and water clocks (clepsydras). However, we have designed this clock thinking about them and their temples and shrines and we think that if they had used them they would have made hourglasses very similar to this one that we present and that we precisely call Greco-Roman.

It consists of a beech wood structure, reinforced at its ends by brass screws to form a solid square in the center of which the glass bulb sits.

It is accompanied by a brief historical review of hourglasses.

It has two sizes according to the hourly measurement:

-Greco-Roman 15′ (approximately)

-Greco Roman 30′ (approximately)


Height: 20 cm

Width: 13.2cm

Depth: 8.2cm


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Greco-Roman hourglass
58,00 VAT Included

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