Nocturlabe, medieval instrument

Desde: 29,04

Instrument with which to find the time at night using the stars

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Miniature Nocturlabe. We present the miniaturized version of the nocturlabe.

The Nocturlabe is an instrument that is fundamentally used to find the time by observing the position of certain circumpolar stars, that is, those that revolve around the North Star, which as we know is the only one that remains still in the celestial vault during the entire night period and throughout the year in the northern hemisphere.

Our miniature  nocturlabe is a reproduction very similar to those used in the 16th century, some of whose originals are currently preserved in museums such as the Maritime Museum of Greenwich or the Oxford Museum.

It is prepared to work with the Big Dipper, it is made of an alloy called Zamak plated in bronze, very resistant to temperature and the passage of time.

It is presented in a beautiful case very appropriate to give to those types of people who stand out for their curiosity and intelligence and is accompanied by a small brochure describing the history of the nocturlabe and its operation.

Four versions:

– keychain

-As a pendant


-On a wooden base


Height (including the throne) 6 cm

Diameter: 4.2 cm

thickness: 0.3 cm




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Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 0,1 × 0,06 × 0,05 cm


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Miniature Nocturlabe. We present the miniaturized version of the nocturlabe.Nocturlabe, medieval instrument
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