Oxford Astrolabe

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Instrument used to find out the position of the stars among many other functions

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Miniature version of an astrolabe currently kept in the Oxford Science Museum.

Fundamentally the astrolabe is a star finder (Astro: star, lip: the one who seeks). But it has many more applications, such as finding out the time of sunrise and sunset, the latitude of the place where we are, the altitude of an object, for example the tower of a church or a mountain, that is, a topographical application and many more.

This miniature reproduction, although functional, due to its size is impractical if what is intended is its use to answer the questions previously asked, for this purpose we recommend any of our “Arsenius” models.

It is made of metal plated in old brass and is presented in a beautiful case for a perfect gift. It is accompanied by a small brochure with a brief historical overview.

We have four modalities:

-As a keychain

-As a pendant

-As clip or loop

-On a wooden base (see photograph in modalities)


Diameter: 5cm

Thickness: 0.5cm

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Oxford Astrolabe
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