Polyhedral sundial

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Beautiful reproduction of the polyhedral sundials that were manufactured in Renaissance Italy.

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Polyhedral sundials represent the culmination of gnomonic knowledge, and demonstrate the skill and erudition of the gnomonist. As it has different faces, they are not illuminated at the same time, so that, as the sun travels, it illuminates one or the other depending on the time and thus can be seen or consulted from different angles.

This polyhedral clock is a faithful replica of the one made by the Italian Stefano Buonsignori in the 16th century that is preserved in the Institute and Museum of Science in Florence. It consists of eighteen hexagonal faces, of which seventeen correspond to solar quadrants with different orientations and inclinations.

It is accompanied by a manual with instructions for use.



Diameter: 7.5cm


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Polyhedral sundial
58,08 VAT Included

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