Toupie fantoche

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Optical toy invented by Emile Reynaud in 1881, with eight illustrations from the time that, when rotated, produce the sensation of movement

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The puppet toupie was patented by Emile Reynaud in 1881 and was a simplification of the praxinoscope that he had invented a few years before. It consists of a trunk of a pyramid whose walls are covered by four mirrors. The body rotates around an axis incorporated in a wooden handle. At its top it has a device on which to house the discs with the illustrations. By rotating it, the images reflected in the mirrors, thanks to retinal persistence, are transformed into a single moving image.

Only two original copies remain in the world, one of which is in the Girona Cinema Museum.

It consists of eight different discs that reproduce as many illustrations from the time.

It is accompanied by a small brochure with the history of the toupie and optical toys.

We serve this instrument in two modalities:

With handle:


Height: 12.5cm

Width: 9.5cm

With wooden base:

Height: 16cm

Width: 9.5cm

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Toupie fantoche
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