Advances in supercomputing

Dot CSV explains in #somosFuturo the incredible applications of supercomputers to push the boundaries in areas such as creating new drugs and understanding the universe.

#SomosFuturo is a project to inspire young people to be the protagonists of the future. We want to boost their talent and awaken their passion for scientific knowledge. They are the engine to conquer tomorrow.

This webseries is an exciting journey in 32 video-stages starring great science popularizers in Spain. In this episode, the twenty-ninth of the series, Carlos Santana Vega, better known as Dot CSV, details how supercomputers, computers whose capabilities surpass those of conventional equipment, make it possible to foresee the future in many fields. Engineers are already working on supercomputers with gigantic memory capacities that allow them to simulate millions of data points to recreate the evolution of the climate. This information will be very useful for anticipating the infrastructures needed in areas affected by climate change.

But these machines will also have applications in the manufacture of new and revolutionary drugs and in the knowledge of the universe. Very soon there will be devices with the power to study the data captured by telescopes around the world. Scientists will thus be able to simulate phenomena such as the collision of black holes. And perhaps, why not, discover which planet to move to in the future. See how supercomputers are transforming our lives in the video.

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