Bacon Cabinet Magnifier

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The cabinet magnifying glass was a widely used instrument during the 19th century. Today it is still very practical in everyday use.

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The first known works date back to the 10th century. Its author was the Muslim physicist Alhazen, who carried out numerous works with lenses and mirrors and was later considered the father of optics. It is also known that in 11th century China some of its inhabitants already used glasses to correct defective vision. The Englishman Robert Bacon is known for being the first Westerner to use glasses to improve vision.
The magnifying glass that we present to you is a reproduction of those used in the 19th century in the offices of scientists and naturalists. It is fully functional and is a beautiful object that can decorate any bookcase or office.
The instrument is accompanied by a brief brochure with the history and description of the magnifying glass.

Height 19 cm
Length: 8.5cm
Magnifying glass diameter: 7.7cm


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Bacon Cabinet Magnifier
63,16 VAT Included

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