Crystal palace telescopic view

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Very popular optical toy during the 19th century, which allows us to see the scene of London’s Crystal Palace in all its depth.

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Telescopic sight was a very popular optical entertainment in 19th century Europe. It had its origin in 19th century England during the Victorian era.

It consists of the division of a scene into several planes that are located along a bellows, one after the other. By looking through the hole in its cover and with the bellows extended, we can appreciate the scene in all its depth.

There were multiple motifs used: landscapes, battles, urban scenes, etc.

Ours is a perfect reproduction of the original dated 1851 and represents the opening of the Universal Exhibition that took place in London that same year in the halls of the Crystal Palace, precisely by Queen Victoria of England.

It comes in a beautiful case, also a reproduction of the original.


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Crystal palace telescopic view
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