Brewster Kaleidoscope

Desde: 42,35

Kaleidoscope reproduction of the original dated 1874 Infinite combinations of mandalas just by turning it

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This kaleidoscope is a reproduction of the original dating from 1874. It was found in an antique shop in Prague. The pieces are made and turned by hand in brass. It is an object common to all cultures that provides infinite and beautiful combinations, simply by spinning it.

Leather finish. In two colors, red and light brown. If you have a preference for any of them, please tell us when you place the order, otherwise we will understand that any of them is valid.

Of wood

The tube is made of halla wood, dyed and polished with natural waxes, which gives it a perfect finish and very soft to the touch.

They are all accompanied by a short booklet with the history of the kaleidoscope and presented in a nice black tube with “Art Deco” details.


Height: 21.3 cm

Tube diameter: 4.5cm

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Brewster Kaleidoscope
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