Mini zoetrope

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Optical toy that is a precursor to current cinema that demonstrates the persistence of the retina. Precine

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All our zoetropes are handmade one by one using the materials used in their original manufacture. WE DO NOT USE PLASTICS IN ITS MANUFACTURING

The small zoetropes are metallic painted black with different decorations.

They have 30 different animations, a reproduction of those drawn at that time and it is not only perfect family entertainment but also the best way to learn the physical principle of retinal persistence, thanks to which we can enjoy cinema today, of which All these instruments are precursors.

It comes with instructions for use and a brief historical review. It is presented in an illustrated cardboard box, perfect for making a beautiful gift for any age.

We have 4 models with different decorations


Height: 17cm

Drum diameter: 12cm

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 0,14 × 0,14 × 0,2 cm


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Mini zoetrope
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