Da vinci sundial

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Beautiful horizontal solar clock widely used during the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Beautiful horizontal sundial, a recreation of those used during the 16th and 17th centuries and whose originals are found in prestigious museums such as the Oxford Science Museum or the Greenwich Maritime Museum.

The decoration of its solar quadrant stands out for its special filigree, as well as the compass rose that is engraved on its lid.

The quadrant, as was traditional in its time, is prepared to operate in different latitudes. We adapt the appropriate gnomon for the latitude from which you place your order,

The compass he carries is one of the so-called “floating compass”, which consists of a plate on which the compass rose is inscribed, which always indicates the magnetic North.

It is made of wood polished with natural waxes and the metallic material is an alloy (Zinc and copper) called zamac, which has great resistance and stability to changes in humidity and heat and does not require any type of maintenance.

It is presented in a wooden box with nautical decorations, which makes a perfect presentation for a perfect gift. We also send with the watch a small brochure with the history of the sundial and its instructions for use.


From the sundial

Height: 4.5cm

Diameter: 8cm

From the box:

Width: 10cm

Depth: 10cm

Height: 6cm


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Weight 0,300 kg
Dimensions 0,15 × 0,15 × 0,1 cm

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Da vinci sundial
75,02 VAT Included

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