Naval hourglass

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Reproduction of those used in seafaring until the 19th century when the chronometer was invented.

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Hourglasses were also widely used in navigation to be able to approximately calculate the length of the ship at a given time, until the beginning of the 19th century, when the first chronometers adapted for maritime navigation appeared.

These hourglasses used to be half an hour and there was always a sailor in charge of turning them around making the corresponding note, in this way and taking into account the time of departure, they could calculate very approximately where they were on the route. .

What they did was first place themselves at the latitude of the port of arrival, for this they used instruments such as the crossbow, the Davis quadrant, the astrolabe or the sextant, which offered a certain precision and then, with the help of the bulb, they could calculate the navigation time and therefore the approximate date of arrival.

The original of this model is in the Naval Museum of Madrid (hence its name) and is a reproduction of this type of watch widely used in seafaring for several centuries of our history.

It is accompanied by a small booklet with a brief overview of the history of hourglasses.

It is available in three sizes (display the “size” section)

Naval 15 (approximate duration 15′)


Height 23 cm

Base: 11x 11cm

Naval 30 (approximate duration 30′)


Height: 23 cm

Base: 11x11cm

Naval 60 (approximate duration 60′)

In this model the protective rings are made of brass.


Height: 28 cm

Base: 13.2 x 13.2cm



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Naval 15, Naval 30, Naval 60

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Naval hourglass
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