Europa Sundial

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Medieval instrument with which the solar time could be easily found out at any time of the day


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From the beginning, humanity has known that changes in the length of the shadow that an object cast on the ground indicated the time of day and that the shadow becomes shorter towards noon and lengthens towards sunset. Without a doubt, the first and very primary sundial consisted of a simple stick stuck in the ground, whose shadow changed length and location throughout the day.

The sundials that we reproduce, called pocket watches, date from the 16th century. The originals from which we have been inspired for our reproductions can be seen in such important museums as Nuremberg or the Correr Museum in Venice.

It is made of wood and its interior is decorated with an illustration of the map of Europe. It is accompanied by a small brochure with the history and instructions of the sundial.

This Europa model comes with two different covers:

-Engraved brass plate, with a map of Columbus’s voyages

-Serigraph depicting the astronomer Tycho de Brahe in his workshop.


Width: 7cm

Length: 8.6cm

Thickness: 2cm



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Europa Sundial
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