Galileo Sundial

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Medieval instrument that allows you to find out the solar time at any time of the day.


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Since the beginning of humanity it was known that the length of the shadow produced by an object indicated a different time of day, as the shadow became longer or shorter. The first sundial that man invented was a simple stake stuck in the ground, and over the centuries he discovered principles and mechanisms that gave some precision to these measurements.

The Galileo sundial is horizontal and is a perfect reproduction of those manufactured in the 16th century, whose use was very widespread at that time. Its interior decoration is typical of these watches that can be seen in the most important museums in the world, such as the British Museum or the Naval Museum in Madrid. It is made of wood and is accompanied by a small brochure with a brief historical overview of the watch. sundial and instructions for its use.

It comes with two types of cover:

-A beautiful brass engraving representing the Victoria ship

-An old paper map with the four voyages of Christopher Columbus


Width: 6cm

length: 8 cm g

pink: 2 cm



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Galileo Sundial
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