Steward Sundial

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Reproduction of the sundials manufactured by the Steward brand in the 19th century

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James Henry Steward (1817?1896) was an expert in optometry. He settled in London in 1852, founding the company that bears his name and which became famous worldwide for its highly precise instruments. The company produced a wide range of items for military and civil use, advertising itself in its catalogs as “manufacturers of instruments specialized in terrain recognition, night marches, drawing.” Their work reached such a level that they became the supplier official not only of the British government, but also of numerous military and civil associations, such as the National Rifle Associations of England, India, Canada and the colonies and the National Artillery Association, as well as astronomical associations.

This piece is a sundial of the equatorial type. It is universal since thanks to its graduated scale we can place the reading dial at the latitude of the place where we are. It is equipped with a highly precise compass and a spirit level that allows us to place the instrument perfectly balanced on the ,horizontal plane.

It is presented in a beautiful wooden box and is the perfect gift for lovers of astronomy and gnomonics.


Diameter: 10.2cm

Closed thickness: 2 cm


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Steward Sundial
66,55 VAT Included

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