Le carre Hourglass

Desde: 62,92

Inspired by the monument to the Constitution of Madrid, it is an avant-garde design based on a classic concept.




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With this hourglass we have tried to create a design more in line with the current time. It is not easy to innovate when we are faced with an element as classic as the hourglass. The concept of this clock was inspired by a monument located in Madrid, “Tribute to the Constitution” by architect Miguel Angel Ruiz Larrea. It consists of a four-dimensional cube on a three-dimensional space, in whose geometric center it carries the light bulb of time. It is, as we said, an avant-garde design based on a classic concept.
It is made of beech wood, which gives it great robustness, for example, against changes in temperatures and is accompanied by a brief historical overview of the hourglass.
It is available in 5 sizes depending on how long it measures:

-5 minutes (approximately)
Height: 13 cm, width: 9 cm, depth: 5 cm

-15 minutes (approximately)
Height: 20 cm, width: 12.5 cm, depth: 7 cm

-30 minutes (approximately)
Height: 27 cm, width: 17. cm, depth: 7 cm

-60 minutes (approximately)
Height: 28 cm, width: 17 cm, depth: 9 cm

-Combined 1,2,3 minutes (approximately)
Height: 9.7 cm, width: 13 cm, depth: 5 cm




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Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 0,12 × 0,25 cm


Le Carre 1, Le Carre 5, Le Carre 15, Le Carre 30, Le Carre 60

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Le carre Hourglass
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