Anamorphosis (magic mirror)

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It is made up of 24 anamorphic images, to be viewed on the cylinder and cone supplied with the game

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Anamorphosis was a method already described in the mid-15th century in Piero della Francesca’s studies on perspective. In 1533 we find in painting a curious anamorphosis painted by Hans Holbein in his painting The Ambassadors, in which a deformed skull appears.


The word anamorphosis appears for the first time in 1612, Salomon de Caus being one of the first researchers on this type of images. Based on geometric perspective, he applied different mathematical calculations by which these images were deformed and re-formed when projected on a cylindrical mirror, on a cone and also on a pyramid.

Jean Fraçois Nicéron published “the curious perspective” in 1638. This was a comprehensive treatise that disseminated this form of distorted perspective, making it one of the favorite entertainments of 17th century society.

Nowadays mural artists like Julian Beever apply anamorphosis, creating incredible perspectives painted on the street sidewalks.

Our set consists of 24 classic anamorphosis sheets to be viewed on cone and cylinder.

It comes in a beautiful box to make a perfect gift.

Sheet measurements 21×21 cm


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Anamorphosis (magic mirror)
58,08 VAT Included

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