Moon and tide calendar

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Beautiful instrument with which to find out what phase the moon will have or had on any day of any year, as well as what time the tides will occur.

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This beautiful calendar is a reproduction of the lunar and tidal calendars used in the 16th century, especially in navigation, so that once you know the phase that the moon will have on a given day, you can find out the times at which the two high tides will occur and the two low tides.

We will also be able to find out the lunar phase in the past, since the epacta or age of the moon on January 1, is sent in cycles of 19 years, therefore and after making some calculations perfectly explained in the accompanying brochure, We will be able to know something as curious and, according to astrologers, as decisive as what phase the moon had on the day we were born.

It is wonderfully decorated, which gives it a unique beauty. It is presented in a beautiful case with a wooden support so that it can be displayed in the bookstore or office or with a beautiful wooden frame illustrated with a star map in the background and engraved metal corners.

Comes with instructions for use.

Made of metal and plated in bronze.


Diameter: 9.5cm

Height (including throne) 13 cm

Thickness with both wheels: 6.5 cm


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 0,2 × 0,2 × 0,08 cm

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Moon and tide calendar
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