Nuremberg Sundial

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Sundial Pocket-size. Widely used during the 16th and 17th centuries throughout Europe. Reproduction of those manufactured in the artisan workshops of Nuremberg

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Pocket sundials or pocket sundials became very popular during the 15th and 17th centuries, as they were very easy to carry in your pocket and were very simple to use.

They carried a compass that allowed the clock to be properly oriented in the North-South direction and thus the rope projected a shadow on the dial that indicated precisely the solar time at that moment.

There were them of all prices and of all categories, some were authentic handcrafted jewels with jade inlays on ivory that already cost a real fortune in their time.

It was precisely the city of Nuremberg that stood out for its artisan workshops dedicated to the manufacture of these luxurious watches and some of its creators became enormously famous within the guild of gnomonics.

The author of this model that Punto Vernal presents was precisely one of them, his name is Lienhart Miller. The sundial is dated 1613, in the city of Nuremberg.

It is a multi-application watch. Let’s look at the following:

Inside we find a horizontal sundial, another vertical one and one with italic hours.

On its cover is a compass rose, on top of which there is a brass indicator needle that is used to determine the direction of the wind thanks to the weather vane it incorporates and which is housed in a small drawer on its side.

It is made of wood and hand polished with natural waxes, which gives it a perfect finish and protection for maintenance.

It comes in a beautiful case and is accompanied by a small manual with its history and instructions for use.

We have two finishes depending on the cover:

-In brass acid etched of a beautiful compass rose

-Print on paper of the same compass rose.


Width: 7cm

length: 11cm

thickness: 2cm


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Nuremberg Sundial
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