Shepherd’s sundial

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This sundial was widely used by shepherds during the Middle Ages on their long transhumance journeys.

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Long before the existence of mechanical watches, sundials were already very popular. The science in charge of the study of these sundials(Gnomonica) had achieved extensive experience thanks to the study for centuries of the apparent movement of the sun throughout a complete year around the earth.

One of these first achievements was this tall sundial called the shepherd’s sundial, as these were precisely the ones who used it the most during their long days of grazing and transhumance.

They were portable sundials, very easy to use, since it only consisted of placing the rod or gnomon on the date of the measurement (everyone had a calendar) and placing the dial directly in front of the sun, being the length of the shadow in this case, which provided the solar time and thus better know the time to go looking for shelter for his flock.

The model we reproduce is a replica of the one kept in the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna and dated 1548.

It is made of wood, and is accompanied by a manual with its history and instructions for use.

We have two finishes:

-With a beautiful paper print that represents Urania, muse of astronomy

-With a brass plate engraved with a noble shield

Small Mod. Measurements:

Height: 15.5cm

Diameter: 5cm

Measurements Mode. big:

Height 25 cm

Diameter: 5.5cm


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Shepherd’s sundial
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