Vertical sundial Strasburgo

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Sundial for wall facing south, reproduction of the one found in Strasbourg Cathedral

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Since the dawn of our civilization, man has had the need to measure time, the interval elapsed between two moments.

Already in the Neolithic we find a monument, the “Stone Circle of Stones”, in England, built for the observation of the stars and, consequently, for the measurement of time based on the position of the sun in the sky.

This type of vertical or wall sundial was widely used since the Middle Ages, not only because it was used to measure time but also as an architectural ornament in cathedrals and public buildings. Later, its use in private buildings became widespread.

This vertical sundial is designed to be attached to a wall whose orientation must be SOUTH, in order to achieve its correct operation. The rod or gnomon that accompanies it must be screwed all the way, once the clock has been placed on the wall.

This model, made of artificial stone and resin, is an exact reproduction of the one currently in Strasbourg Cathedral. It is dated 1493 and is known as

“L’Astrolgue du Cadrain Solaire.”


Height: 37 cm

Width: 31cm

Thickness: 4cm


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Vertical sundial Strasburgo
108,90 VAT Included

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