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10 discs illustrated with 19th century drawings that demonstrate the persistence of the retina

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In 1676, the physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton announced the research that he had carried out for several years on the additive synthesis of color and retinal persistence. His famous album was a demonstration of these principles.

Many years passed in which different scientists and researchers expanded this knowledge and thus in 1760, Jean Antoine Nollet devised a top composed of only half of its profile, which when rotated virtually reproduced the entire figure.

Years later, in 1825, based on this experiment, John Ayrton Paris invented the thaumatrope, which consists of a cardboard disc between 6 and 7 cm in diameter, on which a complementary image is drawn on each of its faces. yes (the best known is the one about the bird and the cage). By spinning them quickly between the fingers using threads or ropes, both overlap, creating the optical illusion through which the bird enters the cage.

It is a curious, educational and dynamic game, which can also inspire our own imagination to create new figures. It can also be done by breaking down the letters of a message and turning it around allows you to read the entire message.

Our game is made up of ten different discs, a reproduction of those used during the 19th century and is presented in a small wooden box very appropriate to house its contents.


Disc diameter: 6.5 cm

WATCH VIDEO (some of the illustrations are different)

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