Lilliput Praxinoscope


He is the smallest of the family, but with all the beauty and vigor of his older brothers. With 30 different animations

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Lilliput Praxinoscope

The youngest of the family has been born, but with all the genetics of his older brothers.

The Lilliput praxinoscope  is a praxinoscope of very small dimensions (barely 12 cm in diameter and 12 in height) without the vision of the moving images being worse, far from it, and for this it is accompanied by 30 animations in 15 reversible strips.

Then you can add if you follow the pattern, all the ones you can think of if you have a little “knack” for drawing.

Although there is no age to enjoy this optical toy, its small size makes it the ideal praxinoscope model for children.

It comes with two different decorations:

-Stories of all time

-With geometric decoration with colored rhombuses and which we call Harlequin

The praxinoscope is an optical instrument invented by Emile Reynaud in 1877 and consists of a rotating drum in the center and around the axis of rotation is a set of mirrors (normally a dodecahedron).

As each mirror reflects one of the drawings that make up the animated strip that we will place attached to the wall of the aforementioned drum, so the viewer who looks over the edge of the cylinder, when rotating the device, will see, thanks to the persistence of the retina, move a single complete figure, the one located right in front of him.

Over the years, Emile Reynaud increased the performance of his device, creating the lamp praxinoscope and the theater praxinoscope.

The first one included a candle, let’s keep in mind that at that time electricity for domestic use had not yet been implemented, so if you wanted to enjoy the praxinoscope on the long winter nights, it was necessary to be able to illuminate the scene directly and what’s better than a candle right above the drum.


Diameter: 12cm

Height: 11.5cm

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Lilliput Praxinoscope
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