Willy Fogg Height Ring


Small sundial with which to find out the time by letting a ray of light enter through a small hole

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Another type of tall watch that became very popular during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries is this ring, which due to its small size allowed it to be easily carried in any pocket.

On this occasion the gnomon is replaced by a small hole made in the surface of the ring. This hole could be moved around the ring to position it on the date on which the measurement was to be made.

Its operation is very simple, since you only have to suspend it freely and orient it to the sun, in such a way that we get a ray of light to penetrate through the hole, providing us with the local solar time on the opposite wall, on the scale that is engraved inside. the ring.

Our ring is a reproduction of the one made by the German astronomer H.S. Thorn around the year 1700, so its reading accuracy is only approximate.

Made of bronze-plated metal, it is presented in a beautiful case for a perfect gift. It is also accompanied by a small leaflet with instructions to make it work.

We serve them with three modalities:

-As a keychain

-As a pendant

-As a clip (See photographs in modalities)


Diameter: 3cm

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Willy Fogg Height Ring
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