Horizontal sundial Germánico

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Horizontal solar clock dating from the 17th century and of Germanic origin. This clock provides us with all the solar hours in winter and summer

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This type of horizontal sundials were widely spread, especially in Germany in the 16th and 17th centuries. Specifically, this model is dated 1643 and is of an unknown author.

It consists of a beech wood base, on which the metal plate that acts as a solar quadrant rests. The gnomon is made of brass and folds down for better transportation. It was very common at that time for these instruments to be carried in luggage during transfers and trips, so manufacturers tried to make them as portable as possible.

In the center and under the dial is the compass, this time it is one of the so-called floating ones, since it consists of an aluminum plate engraved with a beautiful compass rose on a magnetic plate that seeks north supported on a sharp pivot brass. The compass was used to orient the clock in the north-south meridian. The shadow that the folding gnomon provides on the dial indicates the solar time.

It comes in a beautiful box to make a perfect gift. It is accompanied by a small booklet with the history of the sundial and instructions for operating it.


Width: 11cm

length: 11cm

Thickness: 2.5cm


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Horizontal sundial Germánico
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