Musical praxinoscope

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Musical praxinoscope invented by Emile Reynaud. Optical instrument that was a precursor to today’s cinema. It is based on retinal persistence

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We have added optional music to all of our praxinoscopes with the exception of the lamps.

The music is loaded with the key on the upper part above the set of mirrors and is independent of the rotation, that is, it is not necessary for the praxinoscope to be rotating to hear it and vice versa, the device can rotate without the need for us to listen to the music. music.

We have FOUR different melodies:

-As times goes by (from the movie “Casablanca”)

-Over the rainbow (From the movie “The Wizard of Oz”)

-The Carousel Waltz (by Richard Rogers). It is the famous melody that is usually heard on the carousels at all the fairs.

-The Gymnopedie No. 1 by Eric Satie

You can choose your melody from the “Music” dropdown.

All praxinoscopes are presented in a cardboard box illustrated with drawings from the time and include a short historical overview of the praxinoscope. Perfect presentation to make a perfect gift.

It is a highly recommended gift for all ages and especially for movie lovers.

It has 30 different animations in 15 reversible strips

Praxinoscope Mini red, mini blue and mini brass musical

Height: 20 cm

Drum diameter; 16.5cm


Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg

Circus Blue, Circus red, latón


Casablanca (as times goes by), El Mago de Oz(over the raimbow), Vals del carrusel, Gymnopedie 1

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Musical praxinoscope
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