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Optical toy invented in 1877 by the Frenchman Emile Reynaud. With 50 different animations

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The praxinoscope is a device similar to the zoetrope but somewhat more evolved, since the slots are replaced by a ring normally shaped like a dodecahedron. It was invented by Émile Reynaud in 1877. The viewer looks over the drum, and images drawn on strips of paper placed around it are reflected in the mirrors. As a result, the person observes an animated sequence in which the images merge and achieve the animated effect. The invention received an honorable mention at the Paris Universal Exposition of 1878. All our praxinoscopes are recreations of those originals.

In its artisanal manufacture we only use components similar to those used then (cardboard, wood, metal), rejecting plastic in its composition, with the only exception of the mirrors, which for child safety reasons cannot be made of glass, the rest of the product It faithfully corresponds to the praxinoscopes of the time.

They have 45 different animations, many of them belonging to Emile Reynaud’s praxinoscopes


Height: 21cm

Drum diameter: 20 cm.


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Weight 5 kg
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